We can’t wait to play with one of the new Panasonic Projectors!

Us guys at Tech1 love when new products are released to the market. Coming soon is the new lineup of projectors by Panasonic. Two models will be included, the AR100E, which is great for watching high definition movies or playing video games. Given my experience with previous models, Panasonic make some awesome projectors so this one should not be overlooked if you are looking for a massive screen for your home, it’ll make 100 inches worth of screen on any wall of your home…

For those 3D lovers out there, Panasonic will not dissapoint you. The AE7000E has also been announced, with a better overall picture quality then the forementioned model, the AE7000E will also play 3D movies. To acheive this, it uses the “Passive Glasses” technique, the battery-less filtered glasses that you will see at the cinemas, opposed to the active glasses which have caused a lot of people annoyances in the past. This should make 3D viewing perfect, as there’s no charging time needed for the glasses, just pick them up and go!!! Oh… That, plus these glasses are very inexpensive compared to the active models.

In terms of 3D picture quality, I’m yet to test it, however, word on the street say’s it’s “up there”. We don’t expect to see any Panasonic product during the first 12 months, however, fingers crossed someone may bring one in for whatever reason. I just hope they supply the glasses, a 3D bluray movie… And some popcorn.

New digital channel to be released on the 11th… Guess what it’s called!

Channel ELEVEN Logo

Channel ELEVEN

Well, it’s 2011 already! What better way to start the 2011 with a new free digital channel, the good people at network ten are releasing a new channel on the 11/01/2011 called ELEVEN. This channel is targeted for teen/young adults and will be hosting shows such as The Simpsons, Neighbours and Californication.

To view this channel on the 11th, all you need is a TV with a digital tuner, or any SD or HD digital set top box connected to your TV. The channel is Standard Definition so does not require a High Definition TV or set top box to work. This channel should just work for most people when it’s released. It’ll be allocated to channel number 11 (Makes sense…), however some TV’s may need to run through it’s auto tuning process which simply involves going into the televisions menu using the remote, selecting “Setup” and performing the Automatic Tuning. This process varies accross different brands/models of TV so if you run into trouble you can always refer to your owners manual, if your still having trouble then your more then welcome to contact us to see if we can guide you through the process on 1300 899 963.

Theres nothing better then turning on your new high definition plasma  or LCD TV to see these beautiful crisp images and lovely sounds. What’s better is the massively expanding amount of content, new channels have been popping up on every angle! We’re very happy to see most of the problems with free-to-air digital television ironed out over 2010, and we’re very excited to see where it’s at by the end of 2011, I’m personally hoping to see more content for 3D TV’s!