Guide to Fixing the Transformer in Your Hitachi TV
Tech 1 have vast experience in fixing Hitachi TV’s. And if you live in Sydney you can take advantage of our specialist experience.
However, this article will give you some guidance first to take care of any small problems you may be facing. If after reading it you’re still facing issues with your Hitachi TV then there’s still plenty of time to come and see us.
So let’s talk about a problem you may be facing with your Hitachi TV.
When your Hitachi television suddenly goes blank; chances are, the fault lies in the transformer in your TV. If it is still under warranty, never attempt to take it apart as this surely voids any benefits you can take advantage of from the warranty. However, if it has already elapsed, and you don’t want to call a repair specialist yet, you can try the following steps in trying to fix the transformer in your Hitachi TV.
First, gather the tools you need:


  • Gloves.
  • Anti-static pad
  • Solder wire
  • Screwdriver
  • Multimeter
  • Needle-nose pliers
  • Solder gun
  • Capacitor
  • Cotton wads (soft)
  • Replacement wires
  • Alcohol (methylated spirit)

Then, follow these steps:

  • Unplug all that needs to be removed from the electrical power points before you touch the transformer. This is because there might be a sudden power surge that can lead to further damage to the transformer and even electrocution.
  • Ensure that your legs are firmly placed on the floor before you touch the transformer; there maybe static power within the television that can lead to further damage to the TV or even cause shocks upon contact.
  • Put on your gloves then unscrew the Hitachi screws holding the transformer in place. You can then remove it from the TV and place it on an anti-static mat.
  • Remove the assembly screws that hold the transformer in place with your screwdriver then open the transformer casing.
  • Examine the inside of the transformer for any damaged, frayed or corroded wires. You might also want to check for oxidation or burnt marks. If any of this is found, remove them with a soldering iron or soldering gun then you can replace them.
  • Wipe the inside of the transformer with cotton wads soaked in alcohol. This is to clean away any form of corrosion properly.
  • Next, locate the capacitor. You might also need to discharge any residual power in the capacitor by touching it with a rubber insulated screwdriver. Set the multimeter to ohms. Check the resistance by connecting it to the capacitor. If the result is infinite resistance then the capacitor is bad and will need to be changed.
  • To change, all you need to do is unsolder the bad capacitor from the transformer and put in a new one using your solder gun.
  • Assemble back the transformer casing and place it back inside the television. Turn the TV on and if it solves the problem, switch it off and reassemble the back access panel. Your TV is ready for use.

But, if the procedure above doesn’t work, then it’s time to call a professional technician for him to be able to work on more complicated problems. So if you’re in this situation why not call Tech 1 Repairs right now on 1300 899 963 and let us help you fix any problems you may be facing.


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