Basic Troubleshooting for Your NEC TV Repair Problems
If you NEC TV is not working and you’ve got a repair job on hand there is a few things you can do first before calling Sydney’s No.1 TV repairs Specialist. Thre could be many things wrong with your TV so before you give us a call you can do some trouble shooting first and discover what exactly is wrong with your TV.

A repair manual would come in handy in dealing with common NEC TV repair issues. However, if you do not have one, here are some tips that would help:

  • The TV has retrace lines appearing at the top of the screen.
    • You can resolve this issue by replacing the tantalum caps in the section involved (vertical).
  • For the NEC Integra model that has the message “Temperature Error Detected” flashing in red color over and over again.
    • This problem indicates that the peripheral circuits in IC9806 or the IC9501 are malfunctioning. The circuits might already need to be replaced.
  • For the NEC Integra model that has the message ”Cracks In The Panel Detected” flashing in red and green over and over again.
    • This specific issue calls for an IC9505 replacement.
  • When the PXT-42S11S was turned on, there only appeared a white screen.
    • This problem might be caused by the vibrations during the unit’s transport to your house. It may have been jolted too roughly. As a result, the LVDS cable might have been disconnected from the motherboard. Check the connections again.
  • Suddenly stops functioning or suddenly dies.
    • You may want to use your warranty for a problem like this if you just bought your TV. However, if you want to try your hand at it and save some travel time, you could go ahead and check the inside for any severed wires or fuse problems. The fuse is usually located near the power supply. See if it has any degree of discoloration. If it does, and is burnt, you should replace it. If not, then better take your TV to the service center because the problem may lie in the capacitor itself.
  • No picture
    • This dilemma can be solved by replacing the backlight inverter. You should make sure that the part you’re going to replace it with has the same serial number. You can find the inverter at left side of the back of your TV.
  • All the channels are lost all of a sudden, or you could only view no more than 5 channels. The connections were all checked and the unit was not moved in any way.
    • This issue can just be remedied using your remote control. Try to reprogram your TV from the user menu. Let your unit automatically search for channel frequencies once again.

In general, most NEC TV repair problems are usually caused by either trauma or obsolete parts. When you purchase a TV, have the store technicians install the unit themselves. This way, they will be able to know if the unit is in good working condition or not upon delivery. If a problem persists in your TV, then it would be high time for you to have it repaired by professional technicians.

So if you’re in this situation it’s time to give Tech 1 Repairs a call on 1300 899 963. We’ll assess your problem and have your TV back in working order in no time flat. Guaranteed!

*90% of cases, products are cheaper than buying a new TV **12 Months Guarantee on labour and 3 months guarantee on parts ***All repaired TV’s are installed and reconnected as it was.