Products we Repair

Tech1 are your one stop repair shop and we are here to help you with all of your repair needs in or out of warranty.

We offer the following services for all of our customers:

  • Pickup/delivery service for large screen TV’S.
  • Repairs waiting for parts for more than four days will be followed up with the supplier and the customer advised of delay and estimated delivery time with our  customer service team.
  • Any extended warranty repairs waiting for approval for more than 48 hours are followed up and the customer is advised of the delay and estimated delivery time.
  • Customers are advised the instant the technician has finalised their repair, letting them know it has been completed and ready for pick up or to schedule a convenient delivery time if it is a larger item.
  • To ensure minimal time delays for most repairs, our stock control system keeps as many common parts as economically possible readily available to ensure quicker turn-around times.

Products Serviced:


We Repair: