How to Repair Samsung Plasma TV Screen Burn
At Tech 1 Repairs we’ve seen all sorts of Samsung TV repair issues. Our customers from all over Sydney have sought our specialities when it comes to fixing Samsung TV’s.

So we’ve documented a few steps below which will help you troubleshoot some simple problems you may face before it’s time to give us a call and let us take care of the problem for you.

So have a look at these tips to troubleshoot your TV, and find out what exactly is wrong with it.

Some series of Samsung plasma TVs may suffer from the condition called screen burn through long periods of use. A screen burn also known as the screen burn-in is caused by the non-uniform usage of screen pixels, which causes an after-image effect on your screen.

An example would be watching a show that has two actors when there’s supposed to be just one, as if you are seeing double. The images are created because of stuck pixels or images on the screen for a long time, like logos, or menus, etc. When you get to experience these symptoms, it would be great to know the steps on fixing the screen burn on your Samsung plasma TV.

  • Make sure that your screen is calibrated. Always check your plasma’s settings. Usually when you buy them from the stores, the settings are set to show off the best colors and contrast. It is not always required and recommended to use the highest settings because it causes more harm than good.
  • Use Samsung’s burn protection utilities. These are available in your Samsung plasma TV; you can look for the “All White” and “Signal Pattern,” which will help remove the retained images on your screen. Run the utilities and wait until the retained images are all gone.
  • Try to run the scrolling screen on your TV. This process will try to fix the burnt images through constant motion. Images will not get stuck or burnt on the screen if they constantly move for a certain period of time.
  • Reverse the image on your screen. Stop watching 4:3 videos with black bars, or you can place white or gray bars on the side and nothing in the middle. Unplug your STB – set top box – from your Samsung plasma TV when you need to watch a 4:3 movie, though this will take longer, at least the system will erase the burn-in.
  • Look for DVDs that prevents burns. There are DVDs available in the market that aims to save plasma TVs from screen burn; try to purchase one and this could help save your Samsung Plasma TV. Plasma savers usually use the inverse patterns of “snow” or white noise to lessen or remove the burnt images from your screen.

Samsung’s Plasma TV screen burn issues are usually not covered by the warranty, so it is best to be equipped with some ways to troubleshoot your plasma in case this issue occurs.

So troubleshoot first, then give us a call on 1300 899 963 and we’ll be more than happy to help you get your TV back into working order.

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