Basic Troubleshooting Tips for Your Sharp TV
If you live in Sydney and you’re having troubles with your Sharp TV you can give Tech 1 Repairs a call right now on 1300 899 963 to get it fix.
However before you do, you can take a few moments to do some troubleshooting and discover what exactly is the problem.
There are times when it does not require that you hire a technician every time your Sharp TV acts up. Below are some basic ways to troubleshoot your TV when the need arises.

  1. Check the power cable. Before embarking on trying to figure out solutions to some complicated problems, ensure that the basic errors are ruled out. If your Sharp TV refuses to turn on, always inspect the connections first. This may seem obvious but there are actually people who wouldn’t think that the cause is just as simple as the improper connection of the power plug. Many a time, this will be all that you need to do to have your TV back in order. Additionally, for any problems in the television’s remote control, check the batteries.
  2. Check cable plugs. If the screen of your TV is unusually very bright, this could be the result of the coaxial cable not connecting properly. The simple technique to do is to check the port behind the TV and ensure that it is not loose. Tightening the cable will solve the noise that is appearing on the screen.
  3. Check AV cables. When there is no sound coming from the TV, it could be that the cables are plugged into the wrong ports. The plug usually has 3 heads in red, white and yellow. The ports where the plugs go into are also red, white and yellow. So just ensure that the ports and the plugs are of the same color; this should do the trick.
  4. Check for magnetic objects. When blotches appear on the TV screen, check the surrounding of the TV set to see whether there is any magnetic object lying around. This can also occur when another electronic device with powerful magnetic components are placed closed to the TV.
Sometimes, removing the object that caused the interference will not be enough to undo the harm. You might need to demagnetize the TV; this can be done by hovering a magnetic coil in front of the screen. After which you can turn the TV off and on again to check if the problem is solved; if not, repeat the process.
These are just some of the things you can do to hopefully remedy the problem your Sharp TV is experiencing without having to pay a technician. However, if none of the tips work, you should give Tech 1 Repairs a call on 1300 899 963 and we’ll take care of your problem immediately.
And just a last note: Keep in mind that if your Sharp TV is still warranty, you should not even attempt to open it; doing so will void the warranty effectively. Instead, take your appliance to Tech 1 Repairs and ask us if we have a unit you can borrow while your unit is undergoing repair.

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