Tips in Dealing with Teac TV repairs.
Teac is a nice TV brand and we have fixed hundreds of these from customers all around Sydney.

So if you have any problems with your Teac TV and you live in Sydney, you can call us right now on 1300 899 963 to get it fixed.

We’ve also compiled some information which you may like to delve into before calling us, so you know exactly what is wrong with your tv before calling us.

Here’s some common problems which you may be facing:

  • Receiver flashes the word “protect”, then shuts down.
    • If this occurs, disconnect the cables that connect to the speaker and look to see if there are loose copper wires lying around. These thin wires may be the ones causing the short circuit. You could also try to unplug the unit and wait for a while. There are times when the circuits just need to rest.
  • Goes on protect.
    • This problem usually happens when the Teac senses or detects certain malfunctions that could potentially harm your speakers.
  • Removing the protect signal.
    • This is a common Teac repair issue. To remove the protect signal that keeps on showing up on your screen, you must make sure that the level of input is not at the maximum. This will definitely cause the circuit to clip and overload your receiver. Until you lower your level of input, this protect signal will just keep on showing itself on screen.
  • There’s the protect mode and a loud noise or no sound at all.
    • For this problem, first, you must locate the tension cable. Then look for the amplifier and the card that has been installed in it. Do not disconnect any cable connections. This might happen if your amplifier is already obsolete and the connection between the metal blocks is no longer in good condition. Turn off the power source or disconnect the tension cables. Then, solder the metal box/bag with plastic to elevate the motherboard. Use plastic material because it is dangerous to use metal.
  • Dealing with static.
    • To solve this problem, look for the heat sink behind your appliance. Always remember that there are two main types of outputs—discrete (transistors used by amp circuit) and integrated (with bigger amp ICs). Usually, there are two output transistors placed on the heat sink. The static problem may be caused by poor solder connections or the speakers were just not connected properly. You should try connecting the speakers, one per speaker jack at a time. If ever the issue lies in your amplifiers, just make sure that the amplifiers are connected separately for each channel.
  • Unit does not turn on.
    • This issue may be in connection with the main power supply of the appliance itself, and would be beyond your capacity to repair, so you need to take your appliance to a repair shop in this case.
If none of the above problems explain what you’re facing or if you are unable to fix the problem yourself then it is definitely time to give us a call on 1300 899 963. We’ll take care of your problem and you’ll have your TV back in no time flat.

*90% of cases, products are cheaper than buying a new TV **12 Months Guarantee on labour and 3 months guarantee on parts ***All repaired TV’s are installed and reconnected as it was.